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ELLIE & NAIMA                 FRANK



"That night, Frank became the frontman we had never seen and the audience became witness to a space rock opera that took us all the way to Mars."

DECAVE invites musicians who don't know each other to create music for a day and perform live on the same evening, showcasing what they have created. 
For the sixth edition,  we had the pleasure of hosting  Ellie & Naima from Goat Girl and Frank from Blaenavon, who brought along his good friend Adrian to play the drums.


With both artists in fairly close genres and scenes, we had no idea what to expect. But as soon as we closed the studio door we were hearing what became the first song of the act.

Goat Girl (named after Bill Hick's alter ego Goat Boy) are a four-piece band from South London known for their playful post-punk tunes that hit you in the back of the throat. We've seen Goat Girl a number of times around East and South London and instantly wanted them to take part in a Decave collaboration. We loved their energy. We knew someone who knew someone who knew Ellie, the guitarist of the band, also known as L.E.D and she decided to bring along Naima on the bass. 

"So... can anyone here sing?"  Frank from Blaenavon

Blaenavon are a three-piece band from Hampshire, known for their beautifully melancholic indie rock stylings. After seeing them live, and noticing Frank's incredible dance moves, we knew he was the man for the job.  Frank came down to Decave #5 with Ollie from Beach Baby and Ranald from Hidden Charms, which is how we met, and when we decided he would take part in our next Decave collaboration. He decided to bring Adrian along, who also drums for Cavey. We already knew Adrian was a great drummer as Cavey performed an incredible set as a support act at Decave #5. 


The musicians met at 11 am in a small studio in Bethnal Green. They were quick to set up their equipment and get the day started. Frank was using a synthesizer and keyboard, Ellie was on the guitar, Naima on the bass, and of course, Adrian on the drums. We took a few pictures, explained the Decave concept one last time and closed the door...
Less than a second went by before we heard a drum beat inviting everyone to start playing. We knew instantly we were in for a treat and we were not disappointed. We saw a side of Frank we never knew existed, as an incredible frontman and singer for a super weird space band. As the day went by, we did get a bit worried when we heard Frank ask the others "So...can anyone here sing?" We later found out, they can all sing quite well. The performance had so much energy, passion and humour, we were absolutely blown away!
We were lucky to have THOSS support the collaboration and perform a whole stripped down set. We have rarely been in a room so quiet. THOSS absorbed the audience's attention and delivered an incredible bass-guitar performance. Without forgetting his powerful yet delicate vocals. Watch him perform a stripped down version of his single "Two Laces" below:


We were lucky to catch Goat Girl recently at Koko, for their biggest headline gig to date, after releasing their self-titled Goat Girl album earlier this year, and Naima's departure from the band. Blaenavon dropped their latest album That's Your Lot earlier this year and have been touring ever since. 


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