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"One of the best things to take away from the night was how much fun both artists looked to be having on stage. It looked as if they had been friends for years, but in fact, they had never met before the day."  NAMB

 DECAVE invites two musicians who don't know each other to create music for a day and perform live on the same evening, showcasing what they have created. 
For the seventh edition, on May 11th, it was Oscar Jerome and S. Fidelity who took on the Decave challenge.


With both artists having a lot of experience collaborating with different genres and innovating within their respective genres, we knew that they would be on the same page despite making very different music.

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 Oscar Jerome creates unique compositions influenced by hip-hop, jazz, and soul. We discovered him at the Great Escape 2017 in Brighton and have been fans ever since.  When he’s not writing his own music, he plays with Afrobeat collective KOKOROKO and jams out and records with friends Wu-Lu, Joe Armon Jones, and Moses Boyd to name a few... All from London's thriving underground Jazz scene.
He recently released his EP “Where are your Branches”  and a music video for his latest single “Do You Really”. 

"  A lot of the time the best ideas come to you at first "  Oscar Jerome

We discovered S. Fidelity back in 2017 through his "PPP" EP. Filled with chilled out beats and a modern approach to production he immediately caught our attention. Based in Berlin, S.Fidelity keeps himself busy cooking up beats that combine atmospheric synths with classic sampling and unique drum patterns. He's since released a full length on Jakarta Records called “A Safe Place To Be Naked” and collaborated with German rapper Galv for an LP called “Shigeo” which came out a few weeks ago. 
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Both musicians met at 11AM at Premises studios, Hackney. As soon as they set up their equipment, Oscar started jamming on his guitar, and after only a few minutes, S. Fidelity had already put a beat together to go with it. From the start, we knew we were in for a good performance that evening, even though we had no idea where this collaboration would go.
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Just a few days after their Decave performance, Oscar Jerome happened to be playing a solo show in Berlin. We were happy to hear they linked up in Berlin and he even invited S. Fidelity on stage! Maybe someday they'll release something together? In the meantime check out their performance below.


Oscar Jerome is about to embark on his UK tour with a headline at London’s Village Underground on the 25th of September.
You can also catch S. Fidelity live on the 20th of September with fellow producer Bluestaeb at Conne Island in Leipzig or on September 29th in Johannesburg for We Heart Beat festival.


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